Betteke van Ruler appointed ICA Fellow

Professor emerita and Amsterdam School of Communication Research, ASCoR Honorary Fellow Betteke van Ruler has been appointed ICA Fellow by the Board of Directors of the International Communication Association on the occasion of the 2018 conference in Prague.

Fellow status in the International Communication Association is primarily a recognition of distinguished scholarly contributions to the broad field of communication. The primary consideration for nomination to Fellow status is a documented record of scholarly achievement.
Secondary consideration is given to such criteria as service to the International Communication Association and socially or professionally significant service to other publics such as business, government, education, etc.

The Board’s considerations:

“Dr. van Ruler has been at the forefront of the theoretical development of the field of public relations and strategic management. Highly respected among public relations and organizational scholars in Communication and related disciplines and honored by professional associations and practitioners, Professor van Ruler has not only been a central figure in bringing cross-national and global perspectives to the study of public relations, she has been a dynamic force in transforming the theoretical and communicative frames that typified the study and practice of public relations. Moving from the traditional American-centric managerial view of the Public Relations field, she has been instrumental in the reframing of public relations as a reflexive process that is embedded in society at large and whose research must be grounded in the theoretical insights of social theory, the methodological rigor of social scientists, and the practical and ethical concerns of civil society. She has been extremely prolific throughout her career. She has authored or co-edited 11 books in English and more than 20 books in Dutch, published over 100 articles and dozens of encyclopedia entries and short pieces in professional outlets. She is an institution builder, working tirelessly in both academic and practitioner settings, mentoring scholars and PR professionals to enhance the identity and scholarly integrity and professionalism of public relations and strategic communication. She was President of European Public Relations Education and Research Association (Euprera), and co-founder of the European Communication Monitor.”