The Communication Strategy Handbook – Toolkit For a Winning Strategy

Toolkit for a winning strategy

Strategic development is one of the most daunting challenges that faces any professional, no matter the field. After all, stakes are high. Developing effective strategies can put you on the path to becoming a trusted advisor and a valued employee.

The Communication Strategy Framework that is introduced in this handbook has been designed to help professionals make targeted choices toward strategic communication. Taking an iterative approach and continually reflecting on whether your choices remain congruent enables you to continually adapt to changing circumstances while staying in command. Linear planning models are ineffective. Quick strategy development can revolutionize the communication function and strengthen the relationship amongst members of a professional team. Linking communication and business strategy is the number one challenge for today’s communication practitioners.

The Communication Strategy Framework facilitates the communication professional to forcefully and efficiently make the right choices. It compels individuals to think about how communication can contribute to achieving the organization or client’s goals. As a result, it provides a clear picture of your communication strategy in one page by putting superfluous details aside and concentrating on the essentials.

The Communication Strategy Framework has proven to be an instant eye-opener for clients and other stakeholders. A best-seller amongst professionals in the Netherlands, it is available for the first time in English. This step-by-step guide to creating strategic communication will help communicators of all types- from professionals and clients to students and teachers!

Betteke van Ruler is professor emeritus of Corporate Communication and Communication Management at the University of Amsterdam and co-owner of The Van Ruler Academy.

Frank Körver is partner at the Amsterdam-based consulting firm Wepublic, the Dutch affiliate of the global Interel Group.

  • The Communication Strategy Framework is a management tool that deserves attention by practitioners and academics alike. It helps to develop communication programs in today’s agile environments, prof.dr. Ansgar Zerfass, University Leipzig, Germany
  • If you’re ready to flip your thinking and streamline your strategic planning choices, this book is for you. I highly recommend it, Sarah Hall, 2018 President of the UK Chartered Institute of Public Relations, founder of #FutureProof and a PR and marketing agency owner.